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Are You Struggling with Costly Farm Machinery?

As a farmer, you know the challenges of managing and expanding your operations with expensive equipment. High costs, breakdowns, and limited functionality can hinder your productivity and growth. You need a solution that combines affordability with high performance, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Meet sweagro.com

The Digital Way To Farm Smarter

What if you could access top-tier agricultural machinery that doesn’t break the bank?
You need reliable, efficient equipment available at a price that allows you to reinvest in your farm.

It’s time to reimagine agricultural machinery that meet your needs without compromising quality or budget.

At sweagro.com, we’re revolutionizing agricultural equipment by offering professional products at 30-40% lower prices compared to similar products on the market.

Our direct-to-consumer model eliminates middlemen, ensuring significant cost savings. Each piece of equipment is assembled in-house under the GUNI brand, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance.


Our first product, the GUNICULT 300S, is a 3-meter cultivator designed for efficiency and durability. This innovative machine is perfect for various farming operations and provides reliable performance season after season. 

Using the traditional supply chain through importers and dealers, the GUNICULT 300S would have cost 24.100 EUR.

Our price as the manufacturer direct to you thru sweagro.com  

16.400 EUR – the digital way.

What Makes it so Good?

Maximum Service Life

We use bearings from world-leading SKF on our machines for maximum service life.

Hardened weldable shoulder steel.

Extra high strength parts such as shafts for levelers, breaking strength up to 1100 N/mm2.

Laser Cut for Perfect Fit

All sheet metal parts on our machines are laser cut for perfect fit, tolerance and maximum strength.

Flexible Purchase and Rental Options

We understand that every farm has unique needs and budgets. That’s why we offer flexible options to acquire our machinery:

kr exkl. moms

Purchase: Invest in the GUNI Cult 300S and enjoy long-term benefits with a one-time payment. Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for, with no hidden costs.

Rent: Not ready to buy? Opt for our rental option. Test the machine during the spring or fall season and evaluate its performance on your farm. If you’re satisfied, the rental cost will be deducted from the purchase price, making it an easy transition from rental to ownership.

Why Choose Sweagro?

Cost Savings:

Enjoy 30-40% lower prices by cutting out middlemen.

Flexible Terms

Choose between purchasing renting or both, based on your needs.

Unmatched Quality & Design

Every machine is assembled and quality-checked in-house.

Unparalleled Customer Support:

Benefit from our 24/7 technical support and comprehensive service system that makes ownership easy.

See GUNICULT 300S Product Specs

Technical specifications

Working with3 m
Transport with3 m
Transport hight2 m
Weight~1690 kg
Number of tines10 tines
Tine spacing30 cm
Wordking depth25 cm
Hydraulic reqirement1-2 double acting
Attachment system 3 point CAT II/III

Tractor power requirement

120- 180hp
Tine typeSpringloaded /”Pigtial” 

Delivery/ unloading requirements

Loader capacity 2 ton, longforcs 1.8m
Standard warranty1 year 
Option extra warranty 3 years
Packer typeRib roller

Isn’t it time you had the equipment you need and be able to reinvest in your farm?

Don’t let high costs and inefficient machinery hold you back. Try out the GUNICULT  300S and experience the difference high-quality, affordable equipment can make. Order your GUNI products thru sweagro.com today and take the first step towards smarter, more efficient farming.

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